Journal of Financial Education

Submission Links and Contact Information

Journal of Financial Education's objective is to bring to the finance discipline important educational research results, innovative classroom approaches and tools to enhance teaching.

The journal seeks the following kinds of manuscripts:

Educational Research - statistical testing of questions on the educational process
Pedagogical Tools - interesting and unique ways concepts can be covered in class
Financial Cases - learning by applying finance principles to real world-like situations
Review Articles - papers bringing readers up to date on a narrowly defined topic area
Book and Software Reviews - brief looks into sources worthy of further consideration

Article submissions must be done electronically through Scholastica. The journal's page there is .  Please note the submission guidelines on the Scholastica site as well as the case guidelines (below), along with the submission fee required for non-members.  This fee is not collected by Scholastica.

Case submissions must be sent directly to the case editor.  Please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Submission fee for FEA members: For those who have been a member of the Financial Education Association for at least six (6) months, there is no submission fee. If you are uncertain of how long you have been a member, please contact the FEA Exec. Director, Timothy Michael at

Submission fee for very recent or non-FEA members: The submission fee is $95, and this does not include an annual membership.  For credit card payment please use the secure credit card link here: SSL Online Credit Card (at the bottom of the page).

The submission fee for non-members can either be sent separately by mail (to the FEA Executive Director) or charged by credit card through our Secure Socket Layer account using the link provided.

Style Instructions

Research Manuscripts

Instructions for Non-Case Submissions appear on the "For Authors" tab of the Scholastica site

Case Submissions

Please refer to the case guidelines at the following link before submitting a case for review.  Also, please include a comprehensive teaching note with each case submission.

Case Editing Guidelines Link

Contact Information for the Editors

Richard Fender and Milind Shrikhande, Co-Editors JFEd
Department of Finance
Robinson College of Business
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-413-7325