Journal of Financial Education  
ISSN 00093-3961

About the Journal




The Journal of Financial Education, published twice per year, is devoted to promoting financial education through publication of articles that focus on:

1) Educational research
2) Creative pedagogy
3) Curriculum development

We publish articles that help improve the delivery of financial education through research that tests hypotheses regarding all aspects of the educational process, pedagogical papers that offer interesting or unique approaches to teaching, case studies, and literature reviews.  In particular, we strive to tie educational ideas and innovations discussed in the journal to assurance of learning principles whenever possible.

All papers go through a double-blind peer review process and must meet strict editorial and format standards as well.

Journal of Financial Education is not an "open access" journal; we are available by subscription (via membership in FEA) or electronically through JSTOR.  The journal is ranked by ABDC as "B" and it is available for institutional subscription either directly from EBSCO, ProQuest, Cox and other subscription services.