2021 FEA/ABE Virtual Conference Submission Instructions

Paper Submission Form

Workshop/Panel/Roundtable Submission Form

Submission Deadline

July 15

Please note that the 2021 FEA/ABE Conference will not be held in San Antonio at The Menger.  Instead, we will host a page with links for everyone similar to what was done last year.  We will need volunteers to coordinate presentation sessions and that call will be forthcoming.  The Virtual Conference will be held September 23-25, 2021.  There will be a few more calls before the deadline.

You may submit either an abstract or a completed paper/case/proposal. Neither type offers a greater chance of making the program. With abstracts take care to adequately describe what you are proposing to present. Abstracts which are too brief or without substance make it difficult for the program committee to assess the appropriateness or fit of the proposal.

A workshop session is a presentation of some innovation, techniques or methods that would be useful to others in our profession. A panel session sets up a pre-established group to present various topics around a theme followed by a discussion, and a roundtable is usually led by one or more moderators but is more of an open discussion of topics among session attendees.

Submissions to the 2021 Conference are done electronically through a Google Form, online.  Neither of the forms at the top of the page need to be filled out if you are submitting via Google.  However, at least the submitting author must have a Google account to submit the form.  We want to encourage you to use the Google process if you can, as it makes the task much easier for our volunteers.  Full instructions are provided at the link - the text below the link only applies to submissions made manually.

A more complete FAQ is given below.

Link to Google Form: 



Have questions? Don't hesitate to email them to Helen Saar ( saarhe@gmail.com ) or Tim Michael ( michael@uhcl.edu )

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Manual Submission Instructions

NOTE:  All submission forms and attachments MUST be sent in MS Word format

(either *.doc or *.docx) 

For Workshop, Panel Discussion and Roundtable Proposals:  Simply email a 1- or 2-page description of your proposed session including possible participants, as best you might know at time of submission - also include the copy of the completed Workshop/Panel Form found on the website. On the Subject line of your email submission, please put "FEA-ABE Conference Workshop Proposal."

For Paper and Case Presentations: Attach your Abstract/Paper proposal in MS Word format (*.doc or *.docx) to an email.  No other formats will be reviewed, accepted or returned.

To be considered, for non-Google submissions there must be a separate title page that contains the following:

     a) Author names/affiliations and email addresses for every author;
     b) Note who the contact author is;
     c) Note whether the paper is pedagogy, educational research, curriculum, professional development or a case;
     d) Disciplines of Interest: provide any, and all, disciplines you believe might have an interest in your presentation (for example, all disciplines, accounting, economics, finance, information technology, international, management, marketing, operations management, or any combination of these);

Email your proposal (in MS Word format) along with a copy of the appropriate submission form found above to feaabe2020@gmail.com

Have questions? Don't hesitate to email them to Helen Saar ( saarhe@gmail.com ) or Tim Michael ( michael@uhcl.edu )

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What is the submission deadline and when will I know if my submission is accepted? All paper presentation and workshop/panel discussion proposals must be submitted by July 15. Submitters will be notified by email whether their proposal has been accepted, hopefully by August 1st.  Please send your submissions as soon as you can so we can begin reviewing and ordering them.  We can approve them and schedule them earlier if you send them earlier.

(2) Can a submission be done electronically? By popular demand we only take them electronically.  Please use the Google link at the top of the page if you can.

(3) Are FEA and ABE using the same process this year?  Yes, both ABE and FEA materials can be submitted through the Google link above. 

(4) Should I submit an entire paper/case or just an abstract? You can submit either. The only rumored advantage to submitting a completed paper is that it provides more information for the program committee to make its decision on possible inclusion on the program. Bottom line: if you have a completed paper, please submit it, but otherwise an abstract is fine. Workshop/Panel Discussion proposals would normally only be abstracts, since such presentations generally do not result in a "completed paper."

(5) Does a completed paper eventually have to be submitted to the program committee? No, but you will be asked to send a copy of your presentation to the chair and other participants of your session to help encourage discussion during the session.  Ideally, you should have the finished paper ready 3 weeks before the conference. You are also encouraged to bring copies of your completed paper with you for distribution to interested session attendees.

(6) How long should the abstract be? The suggested length is 1-2 pages, but that is only a suggestion. Obviously, there is no maximum, since we allow submission of completed papers. So we certainly wouldn't limit the length of abstract submissions. The 1-2 pages is suggested only as a minimum. Generally speaking, an abstract much shorter than one page would likely not have enough information on what is being proposed, and how it will be accomplished, for the program committee to make a sound judgment on the appropriateness of the submission or to be encouraged that the proposal is likely to be completed.

(7) What happens if I submit a proposal in a format other than that of MS Word? The proposal will not be considered.

Thank you for your support of FEA and ABE, and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to email them to Helen Saar ( saarhe@gmail.com ) or Tim Michael ( michael@uhcl.edu )

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