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September 17-19, 2020


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Thursday, September 17

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Session Time


Track 1


Track 2


Track 3


Track 4


Track 5

Session 1

9 – 10:30

1:  Panel:  Academic Honesty

2:  Pedagogy Research I

3:  Teaching Methods I




Session 2

10:45 –


4:  Panel:

Career Prep

5: ABE



6:  Teaching

Methods II

14: Teaching

Innovations II


12:30 – 1:30


Session 3

1:45 – 3:15

7:  Panel:



8:  Panel:



9:  Teaching Innovations I

10:  Teaching Methods III


Session 4

3:30 – 5:00

11:  Online Teaching I

12:  Panel:

Case Writing and Publishing

13:  Roundtable:




15: Teaching


Excel I



Friday, September 18

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ABE board meeting is Friday morning.  Contact Lisa Schwartz for info.

Session Time


Track 1


Track 2


Track 3


Track 4


Track 5

Session 5

9 –


16:  Panel:

Earning a


17:  Pedagogy Research II

18:  Workshop:

Online Teaching I



Session 6

10:45 – 12:15

19:  Business and Society I


Careers I

21:  Panel:

Financial Literacy

22:  Panel:


Teaching II



12:30 – 1:30


A Zoom message from FEA Exec Director Tim Michael (3 min)


A Zoom message from ABE President Lisa Schwartz (9 min)


Session 7

1:45 – 3:15


Careers II

24:  Financial Literacy I

25:  Panel: SMIFs

26:  Roundtable:

Assessment in Online

27:  Teaching Methods IV

Session 8

3:30 – 5:00

28:  Panel:  Meet the Editors


Teaching Methods V






Saturday, September 19

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Track 1


Track 2


Track 3


Track 4


Track 5

Session 9

10:00  – 12:00


Teaching Methods VI


Teaching with Excel II









Session Reference Number: 1

Panel: Academic Honesty I, Thurs 9:00-10:30 CDT


Chair:  Kristin Stowe,


Lisa Schwartz, Wingate University

Kristin Stowe, Wingate University,

Sharon Clinebell, University Northern Colorado

Stuart Michelson, Stetson University



Session Reference Number: 2

Pedagogy Research I, Thurs 9:00-10:30 CDT


Chair:  Guohua Ma,,


Assessing student opinions and performance on hybrid finance courses

Guohua Ma, South Carolina State University,

Keli Feng, South Carolina State University


Tend to our own:  Recognizing the short-term and long-term impact of academic mobbing on our colleagues

Caroline Crawford, University of Houston-Clear Lake,



Session Reference Number: 3

Teaching Methods I, Thurs 9:00-10:30 CDT


Chair:  David Stolin,


A pedagogical model for teaching Data Analytics in an Introductory Information Systems Python course

James Brau, Brigham Young University,

Heber Brau, Brigham Young University

Mark Keith, Brigham Young University


A comic explains market efficiency:  Dissecting a pedagogical innovation.

Video available at:

David Stolin, TBS Business School,

Elie Gray, TBS Business School

Guilain Praseuth, TBS Business School

Maxim Zagonov, TBS Business School,


The impact of video gaming and social media activity on academic performance: Evidence from an Introductory Finance class

James Brau, Brigham Young University,

Noah Brown, Brigham Young University

Andrew Holmes, Brigham Young University

Logan Nielsen, Brigham Young University,



Session Reference Number: 4

Panel: Career Prep, Thurs 10:45-12:15 CDT


Panel:  Preparing students for top finance careers

Youtube link to session:


Max Dolinsky (chair), University of Delaware,

Brad Taylor, Central Michigan University

Allison Harrison, Salesforce

Jon Voigtman, Royal Bank of Canada

Chuck Crespy, Central Michigan University



Session Reference Number: 5

ABE Financial Literacy, Thurs 10:45-12:15 Central Time (11:45 am -1:15 pm EST)


Chair:  Stuart Michelson, Stetson University,


Do women have lower levels of financial literacy, or are they opting out? A look at the non-response gender bias in financial literacy measurement

Tracey West, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, 

Laura de Zwaan, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus

Di Johnson, Griffith University, Nathan Campus


Improving collegiate financial literacy via financial education seminars

Thomas Symthe, Florida Gulf Coast University,

Jonathan Handy, Western Kentucky University

Beth Pontari, Furman University

Suzy Summers, Furman University


Individual Financial Literacy and financial planning

Stuart Michelson, Stetson University,

Greta Watkins, Charles Schwab



Session Reference Number: 6

Teaching Methods II, Thurs 10:45-12:15 CDT

(No video of this session will be posted at the request of a participant.)


Chair:  James Brau,


An empirical examination of an Introduction to Information Systems university class:  Video gaming, social media, and academic performance

James Brau, Brigham Young University,

Heber Brau, Brigham Young University

Nathan Burton, University of Georgia

James Gaskin, Brigham Young University


Terminal case of the blues: Modifying Remote Investment Lab assignments

Gina Nicolosi, Northern Illinois University,


Video game usage and academic performance in a university Marketing Principles course: An empirical analysis

James Brau, Brigham Young University,

Finnegan McKinley, Brigham Young University

Elizabeth Vorkink Mohler, Brigham Young University

Michael Swenson, Brigham Young University



Session Reference Number: 14

Teaching Innovations II, Thurs 10:45 – 12:15 CDT

(No video  of this session will be posted at the request of a participant.)


Chair:  Ed Graham,


Geography, demography and grades: The international graduate student in the finance classroom

Edward Graham, University of North Carolina Wilmington,

Joseph Farinella, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Clay Moffett, University of North Carolina Wilmington


The CFA University Affiliate Program:  Explicit and implicit benefits

Terrance Grieb, University of Idaho,

Magdy Noguera, University of Idaho

Carlos Omar Trejo-Pech, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Switch to Remote Learning Amid Covid-19: Choices Made and Lessons Learned

Joann Fredrickson, Bemidji State University,



Session Reference Number: 7

Panel: Case Teaching, Thurs 1:45-3:15 CDT


Panel:  Teaching with Cases

Recording will be available after editing.

Slides available, with references:


Ben Nunnally, UNC-Charlotte,

George Kester, Washington & Lee University

Timothy Michael , University of Houston-Clear Lake



Session Reference Number: 8

Panel: Transforming Business, Thurs 1:45-3:15 CDT


Panel:  Transforming Business Education for a Sustainable/Flourishing/Regenerating World


Chair: James Stoner, Fordham University,

Morgane Fritz, La Rochelle

Linda Irwin, Regis University

James Weichert, RCN,

Kenneth Sagendorf, Regis University

This Zoom session will open 15 minutes early and the organizers will be available for contact any time at (1-203-246-5323) and .



Session Reference Number: 9

Teaching Innovations I, Thurs 1:45-3:15 CDT


Chair:  Mary Anne Majadillas,

Saved Zoom Video:  Unfortunately, this video is not available on the Web at the request of one of the participants


A Research and Writing Skills Improvement Initiative in the Accounting Classroom:  A Japan-Focused Collaborative Research Paper Assignment

Zlatinka Blaber, Salem State University,

Barry Palatnik, Stockton University

Awad Alhassan, Dhofar University, Oman


Forecasting:  Comparing stock price valuations from different sources of information

Mary Anne Majadillas, California State University Monterey Bay,

Leslie Boni, California State University Monterey Bay


The positive relationship of students' self-efficacy and improved information technology skills

Lisa Schwartz, Wingate University,

Michael Geier, Wingate University

Kristin Stowe, Wingate University



Session Reference Number: 10

Teaching Methods III, Thurs 1:45-3:15 CDT


Chair:  Jennifer Brodmann,


Discounted Cash Flow Method in leasing analysis

Guan Jun Wang, Savannah State University,


Introductory Corporate Finance and the Goldilocks Issue:  Too hard, too easy or just right

Howard Keen, Temple University,


Predicting Student Effort: Assessing the Importance of Academic Preparation, Course Challenge, and Teaching Effectiveness

Joann Fredrickson, Bemidji State University,



Session Reference Number: 11

Online Teaching I, Thurs 3:30 - 5:00 CDT


Chair:  Janita Rawls,


Learning practical competency in online and onsite classes: Does delivery format make a difference?

Janita Rawls, Georgia Gwinnett College,

Stacy Hammons, Indiana Wesleyan University

Andrew Stephenson, Georgia Gwinnett College


Using the Minerva Platform to create an engaging online finance class

Christina Zhang, California State University, Monterey Bay,


Transitioning large classes to online:  Coping with technical and other issues

Howard Keen, Temple University,



Session Reference Number: 12

Panel: Case Writing, Thurs 3:30 - 5:00 CDT


Panel:  Writing and Publishing Cases

Slides available, with references:

Link to recorded session:

Please note:  This video was edited at the request of a participant


Ben Nunnally, UNC-Charlotte,

Timothy Michael, University of Houston - Clear Lake,

Melissa Williams, University of Houston - Clear Lake



Session Reference Number: 13

Roundtable:  Teaching Intro Finance, Thurs 3:30 - 5:00 CDT


Roundtable :  Reconsidering the Introductory Finance curriculum: What do business student really need to know?


Chair:  James Turner, Weber State University,



Session Reference Number: 15

Teaching with Excel I, Thurs 3:30 - 5:00 CDT


Chair: Ronald Crowe,


Algorithmic self grading assignments in Excel

Ronald Crowe, Our Lady of the Lake University,

Kathryn Winney, Our Lady of the Lake University


Introducing Excel Simulation problems using the Connect website by McGraw-Hill for Essentials of Corporate Finance

Danny Ervin, Salisbury University,


Using VBA to grade Excel spreadsheet assignments

Mark Tengesdal, Texas Woman's University,





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Session Reference Number: 16

Panel: Earning a CFA, Friday 9:00-10:30 CDT


Panel:  Earning a CFA Designation

Rob Langrick, CFA Institute,



Session Reference Number: 17

Pedagogy Research II, Friday 9:00-10:30 CDT


Chair:  Yi Zhang,


Student performance comparison of undergraduate and graduate Finance courses taught through online versus face-to-face platform

Yi Zhang, Prairie View A&M University,

Jin Yu, St. Cloud State University

Huihua Li, St. Cloud State University


Coronavirus:  What about them?

Rich Fendler, George State University,



Session Reference Number: 18

Workshop:  Online Teaching 1, Friday 9:00-10:30 CDT

Link to session video:


Workshop:  Ten best practices for teaching online Business courses

Martina Schmidt, University of South Florida,

Nicole Stowell, University of South Florida


MS Teams Meeting Info for Session 18:

Meeting Link Removed



Session Reference Number: 19

Business and Society I, Friday 10:45 - 12:15 CDT


Chair:  Kelly Nyhoff,


Incorporating SDGs in an Introductory Microeconomics Course

Randy Beavers, Seattle Pacific University,


Transforming Business and Finance education:  Completion of a Finance textbook consistent with Global Sustainability

Frank Werner, Fordham University,

James Stoner, Fordham University


Using student loans to teach students personnel finance and lending basics

Kelly Nyhoff, Trinity Christian College,



Session Reference Number: 20

Careers I, Friday 10:45 - 12:15 CDT


Chair: Christine Harrington,


Forging business students' professional identities through a Career Development curriculum

Lisa Amoroso, Dominican University,

Molly Burke, Dominican University

Julie Shaw, Dominican University


Task planning skills interventions for college students

Christine Harrington, Auburn University at Montgomery,

Adams Heather, Auburn University at Montgomery



Session Reference Number: 21

Panel: Financial Literacy, Friday 10:45 - 12:15 CDT

Link to session recording:


Panel:  Starting a Financial Literacy Program, Navigating Textbooks

Leslie Boni, California State University Monterey Bay,



Session Reference Number: 22

Workshop:  Online Teaching II, Friday 10:45 - 12:15 CDT

This session recording will not be posted online at the request of one of the participants.


Workshop:  Online Teaching - Quality and Integrity


Online design and assessment (slides, tutorial, paper zip archive “freebies”)

Timothy Michael, University of Houston-Clear Lake,

Melissa Williams, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Quality and Integrity in Online Learning: Standards, Resources, and Recommendations

Joann Frederickson, Bemidji State University



Session Reference Number: 23

Careers II, Friday 1:45-3:15 CDT


Chair:  Max Dolinsky,


The power of mentoring and networking for undergraduates in Finance and other disciplines

Max Dolinsky, University of Delaware,


Mentorship programs to address the underrepresentation of women in Finance

Jennifer Brodmann, California State University Dominguez Hills,

Kirti Celly, California State University Dominguez Hills

Meghna Singhvi, California State University Dominguez Hills



Session Reference Number: 24

Financial Literacy I, Friday 1:45-3:15 CDT


Chair:  Leslie Boni,

Session recording:


Financial Literacy Education and firm performance: A literature review

Guohua Ma, South Carolina State University,


Katie Porter's Budget:  A Financial Literacy group activity (linked at Google Drive)

Leslie Boni, California State University Monterey Bay,


Toward a Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Retirement Portfolio Goal Attainment

Gary Leinberger, Millersville University,



Session Reference Number: 25

Panel: SMIFs, Friday 1:45-3:15 CDT


Panel:  Student-Managed Investment Funds


Chair:  David Nawrocki,


Recorded session:


David Nawrocki, Villanova University,

John Clinebell, University of Northern Colorado



Session Reference Number: 26

Roundtable:  Assessment in Online, Friday 1:45-3:15 CDT


Roundtable:  Assessment in an online environment:  What you can do if you've always given closely-proctored in-class exams


Steve Pilloff, George Mason University,

Timothy Michael, University of Houston - Clear Lake (zipped archive for Michael & Williams)

Melissa Williams, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Howard Keen, Temple University



Session Reference Number: 27

Teaching Methods IV, Friday 1:45-3:15 CDT


Chair:  Fernando Colina,


Accreditation and Assurance of Learning

Fernando Colina, Salem State University,


Changing Modes of Instruction: Teaching Finance During and Post-COVID

Brian Porter, Hope College,


Using Knowledge Maps to help students

Lauren LoRe, Westminster College,



Session Reference Number: 28

Panel: Meet the Editors, Friday 3:30-5:00 CDT


Panel:  Meet the Editors


(Journal of Financial Education, Financial Services Review, Advances in Financial Education, Journal of the Academy of Business Education, Journal of Finance Case Research)


Timothy Michael, University of Houston-Clear Lake,, JFCR

Rich Fendler, Georgia State University, JFEd          

Milind Shrikhande, Georgia State University, JFEd

Stuart Michelson, Stetson University, FSR, JABE

Robert Stretcher, Sam Houston State University, JFCR



Session Reference Number: 29

Teaching Methods V, Friday 3:30-5:00 CDT


Chair:  Helen Saar,

Session recording link:


Case study:  Capital structure & financing decisions at Marriott International amid the COVID-19 crisis in Spring 2020

Helen Saar, Dixie State University,

Timothy Michael, University of Houston - Clear Lake


The business of eSports:  Curricular and programmatic potentials within higher education

Caroline Crawford, University of Houston - Clear Lake,

Sharon Andrews, University of Houston - Clear Lake


Specifications Grading:  Reflections on a Wonderful Semester

Colleen Asaad, Baldwin Wallace University,





(All times listed as Central Daylight Time)



Session Reference Number: 30

Teaching Methods VI, Sat 10:00 – Noon CDT


Chair:  Michael Geier,

This session recording is not available due to a request from one of the participants.


Does cooperation spontaneously evolve over time? Iterated game simulations in healthcare finance

Roger Lee Mendoza, California State University Los Angeles,


Group composition and group performance:  Mediation of group learning and moderating role of core self-evaluation

Michael Geier, Wingate University,


A Set of Individualized Problems for Applied Learning in Introductory Finance Courses

Austin Murphy, Oakland University,



Session Reference Number: 31

Teaching with Excel II, Sat 10 – Noon CDT


Chair:  Mary Funck,

Zoom Session Link:


You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them think:  Using Excel tools to help students truly understand TVM concepts

Mary Funck, Sam Houston State University,

Robert Stretcher, Sam Houston State University


Easing complexity with Visualization: A capital structure application using Excel

Natalia Boliari, Manhattan College,

Kudret Topyan, Manhattan College



Contributor Directory


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