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You may submit your membership application by mail, email or fax. Membership fees can be paid by check or credit card. 

For PAYMENT BY CHECK, mail completed application along with check made payable to "Journal of Financial Education" to the address on the application form.

For CREDIT CARD PAYMENT, either mail, email (as attachment) or fax the completed application with your credit card information. To pay online using our secure credit card payment system, enter here:

Online Credit Card
Membership/Subscription Payment

Please include your EMAIL ADDRESS with your payment information if you are not sending the form, and send an email to stating that you have paid.  Otherwise we may not have your email address.

  ONE YEAR: 2021 New and Renewal Membership Fee US and International -
PLEASE also include your EMAIL ADDRESS in an email to

(The offshore rate is higher to compensate for postage and handling)

Type of Membership: Domestic is within US
Pls incl mailing & email addr

Manuscript Submission Payment

C) JFED manuscript submission fee (only one co-author needs to be a current member for at least 6 months):

  JFED Manuscript Submission Fee $95:  Please include your EMAIL ADDRESS in an email to

Please note that this fee is separate from the annual membership fee.  If you wish to join the organization, you will need to complete the application and/or use the online purchase system for that separately.

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