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2017 Meeting Info
Savannah DeSoto Hotel
*Cancelled due to Irma*

Rescheduled for Spring 2018
February 15-17, Downtown Houston
with the Academy of Econ and Finance

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Our Mission      

FEA is a professional association of finance academicians devoted to collegiate financial education. 

FEA's mission is to enhance the quality of financial education and improve the collegiate financial education experience by encouraging educational research, curriculum development, creative pedagogy and professional development.

FEA works to fulfill its mission through annual conferences with presentations of educational research, pedagogical papers, workshops and panel discussions and by fostering the dissemination of this research and pedagogy through Journal of Financial Education and Advances in Financial Education.

Welcome to the only finance association dedicated to education!

Our 2017 meeting in Savannah was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma

Many thanks to everyone who got us to this point.  The DeSoto has cancelled all FEA/ABE reservations as a block.  FEA member refunds were processed in PayPal on 9/7 and have cleared Bank of America.  Best paper and case awards will be announced soon on this site and by email.  We will go ahead with a call for proceedings soon. 

We will have the opportunity to present papers at Academy of Economics and Finance at their Houston meeting in February 2018.  All FEA/ABE papers will automatically be accepted for presentation at AEF.  See sidebar.

Our 2018 meeting is now set for San Antonio on 9/20-22 at The Historic Menger Hotel.  Our 2019 meeting will be back in Savannah at the DeSoto (details are pending).